Friday, February 19, 2010

This weeks project

This week's video project was a rough one. But it taught me a few things.

My first story feel through because of credential issues. My second story fell through because of logistical issues. And my third story almost fell through because of phone issues.

I learned that even though you may have a great idea it takes a lot to execute that idea; and to be on the safe side HAVE PLANS B-SQUARED. That's because even plan B can fall through. So you need a backup to the backup.

I covered the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake supper at the local episcopal church here in Columbia. The supper is a tradition in churches of the catholic heritage. In the old days, the season of Lent was strictly observed and little sugar, fat and even flour was used during those 40 days of fasting. People didn't want their supplied to go to waste and the best way to use them was to make pancakes.

I thought this one was different because it was the boy scout troupe that was organizing it. And it was because of this that I wanted to make the story a little more than just a pancake supper. I wanted to show the positive things that young people are doing in the world--especially young men. I found a young man who was willing to talk and had a good attitude about the event. Not only was he funny but also put a good face on the story.

I think I will try that more often--make the story not so much the event but really part of something larger.

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