Saturday, April 16, 2011

MAN (and album) OF THE YEAR - So$aman

"My ultimate goal is not a destination, it's a journey. I've met a million people with a million dreams. I will probably meet a million more. A dream without action is simply nothing at all."

- Brandon "So$a Man" Major


You've heard him perform We Winning on local Bahamian radio and seen him on Tempo with Shawty and you have even seen him proclaiming that he's too sexy for the whole daummm world (his words) VIDEO. But now So$aman takes his music to a completely new level with Dreamland dropping today.

I've known him as Brandon (well MUFF) -- y'all know him as So$a Man. Through it all he's been Major and Dreamland continues that trend.

Dreamland kicks off
with one of the hottest and my favorite (and often quoted) track: iDream. This inspirational track reminds us all to dream and asks: "How you gonna see reality if you don't ever dream?" He makes an intentional effort to take the Bahamian dialect and culture (Every Ting Cool, Bahamas 2 the World) well to the world.

The album though it wrapped up with positivity and a real grittiness about it. We're remind
ed that all of us--including S0$a--have made mistakes "but mistakes have made me a man" (Brighter Days, Dreamland).

Hard to really pull any of the tracks out as t
he best because they each showcase a different part of So$a's mastery and skill--from bravado to optimism. But here are my top 6:
6) Every Ting Cool (Its just too funny)

5) Brighter Days (Reminds us that everything will be allright eventually)

4) Welcome(With the Prime Minister of Music, this weaves Junkanoo though an eventual club hit)

3) So$ Major (We should all live by this message)

2) Man of the Year (If your head don't bang listening to this then YOU'RE SOME MICHAEL NO JORDAN and YOU'RE JUST BORING)

1) iDream (This has been my favorite for some time. BUY it here on
iTunes and listen when you need a pick-me-up.)
So$a has really taken the game to the next level with Dreamland intergratting R&B, Hip-Hop and Junkanoo. He's definitely proved that HE'S THE MAN!

Dreamland will be available on iTunes soon. Sign-up on iTunes for updates on the latest from So$aman!

"You have to follow your dreams to know where you headed ... When you make a wish don't ever forget it."
- So$a Man (iDream)

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