Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day one and two at UNICEF - Youth & Media


ORANGE WALK, Belize – The first two days of the Youth in Media Programme has been an interesting experience and at the same time FUN!!!

I’m here as a part of partnership between UNICEF and UWI in a programme called YOUTH IN MEDIA. It’s designed to introduce kids to media, media usage and awareness.

As always there are some quiet kids and some really REALLY outspoken kids and of course the clown.

Like much of the Caribbean things kicked off with the Belize National Anthem—and that’s a long one. Unlike some others theirs tells a story of the country’s independence. It’s really nice.

The UNICEF representative told the kids about the rights they have as children and why their rights are so important. It was eye-opening for the kids.

The first few sessions over the two days for me was introducing the kids to ways to interview and why interviewing skills are important even if they don’t want to get into the news business. Some got their first experience using a microphone and we hope to get them out to conducting their own interviews by tomorrow.

The kids come from all over Belize from Belize City, Dangria Town, Belmopan, Toledo and they aren't just learning about interviewing. We are conducting sessions on writing, video, photography, and social media use--REALLY EXCITING!

After lunch on the second day we decided to get every group of kids to produce their own PSA (public service announcement) in a converged environment focusing on education, equality, health, protection and shelter—all part of the rights of children.

In our brainstorming session some of the kids had some great ideas for the PSA's but also some great ideas about how to improve their country.

On a side note (I’m not sure why) one of the other instructors and I decided to act as lifeguards/supervisors during a free swim at the nice indoor pool here on the beautiful compound of La Estima. That is going to be interesting.

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