Thursday, August 18, 2011

One of the PSA's at YOUTH MEDIA programme in Belize

ORANGE WALK, BELIZE: Today the kids here at the YOUTH MEDIA programme finished up their PSA's (public service announcement). The groups were assigned some of the fundamental and universal rights of children. This group was assigned the concept of NUTRITION. The kids came up with the concept, wrote the PSA, shot it and assisted in the editing process.

The goal of the programme is not only geared to exposing the kids to media and the process of media but also to empower them. You could see this group take charge of their project in terms of fleshing out the locations, the concept and the shooting. One kid had been quiet for most of the programme and stuck to himself and friends from his area of Belize. But getting involved in the PSA you could see him asserting himself and really coming out of his shell. That's what this programme is about.

This programme is being sponsored by UNICEF, YOUTH MEDIA, UWI Open Campus: Belize and Dateline: Belize.

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