Friday, March 23, 2012

COMMENTARY: VIDEO: My hands were up ref

Check out this video of New Orleans Hornet's Jason Smith flagrantly fouling L.A. Clippers' Blake Griffin in Thursday nights game. After Smith missed the football tackle--I mean the basketball play--he throw his hands up as if to convey to everyone around: "My hand were up ... I did nothing". 

This might be why I dont believe players when they have their hands in the air and shout: "My hands were up ref" as if that absolves them of any contact because their hands were up.  This might be an exaggerated case last night but to me (a basketball referee of 17 years) this just shows the hypocrisy of players who quickly throw their hands up when contact is made and the whistle blows. 

That's not all though. 

The referee assessed Smith a flagrant 2 and ejected him from the game.  Smith could still face repercussion from the league for his actions. But this is where things get interesting.  The crowd at the New Orleans Arena ONE didn't give Griffin a standing ovation when he recovered from the hit but TWO did cheer when Smith (ie the tackler) was escorted to the locker room by security.  


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