Tuesday, March 6, 2012


VIDEO: Finals of the bantam boys 100m final.  Devaughn Whymms won the event in 12.79 seconds. Leon Stubbs from A.F. Adderley took second place in 13.33 seconds and Gilbert Bain from S.C. McPherson took third in 13.38 seconds. 
VIDEO: Finals of the junior girls 100m. In a close race in which 0.11 seconds separated first place from third place, Kacey Johnson (T.A. Thompson) won the event in 13.11 seconds. Carolyn Johnson from C.H. Reeves took second in 13.16 seconds and Danielle Fox from C.H. Reeves took third in 13.22 seconds.   

VIDEO: Finals of the junior boys 100m final. Jameiko Rolle from S.C. McPherson won the event in 11.55 seconds. Therico Rolle from L.W. Young took second in 11.82 seconds and Roberto Forbes from D.W. Davis took third in 11.83 seconds

 VIDEO: Finals of the intermediate girls 100m.  Wallisica McKinney from H.O. Nash won the event in 17.42 seconds. Keia McPhee from S.C. McPherson took second in 17.77 seconds and Linda Bienaime from H.O. Nash took third in 17.80 seconds.
VIDEO: Finals of the intermediate boys 100m final. Schrann Cash from Anatol Rodger won the event in 11.25 seconds.  D.W. Davis took second and third place with Charlberto Darling (11.44 seconds) and Ricardo Hilton (11.57 seconds) making the medal stand. 

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